• Gerbrand Grobler

    Hello. Thx for this article. How dit you find the pack now after your hunting trip?

    • SoleAdventure

      The pack was outstanding. I’m going to try and write up (or video) a more thorough post-trip review soon, but after using it for months of training, living out of it for a week in CO, and then using it as a hunting daypack in KY, I’m impressed. Most specifically, I LOVED the versatility of the pack, and the fit/comfort.

  • SoleAdventure

    I’ll check that out, Ross. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I bought this pack and I wondered if you used it for rifle hunting and if so, how did you transport your gun? Did you buy a separate rain cover or just use plastic bags? I really appreciate all the time you put into reviewing all the things on your list. Good advise so far!

    • SoleAdventure

      I have used the compression straps to hold a rifle/shotgun, much in the same way that I use the straps to secure the bow in the video above. I used a leftover rain cover from a Badlands 2800, which fits this pack great. Thanks!

  • David K

    Hey Mark,

    got any views or follow up comments after using this pack for a season? Is it still in use, or abandoned for an EXO pack? :-)
    i’m considering both the Tenzing and EXO for a hunting, multi day hiking pack, would love to hear moe thoughts on it

    • SoleAdventure

      David, yes, I am now using the Exo. The CF-13 is a solid pack and I enjoy the opportunity to test it. But the Exo is better and CHEAPER! I’ll have more info on the Exo soon, including a video. Stay tuned…

  • JT

    I have an Eberlestock Just One with a Butt Bucket for carrying a bow. Very well made and expands from 2400 to something over 7000 cu in. It’s got an internal zip up bag that allows you to easily carry essentials. Fit is great and adjustable. Workmanship is the best. Material is quiet when going through the brush. It’s pretty much a do everything pack for a week in the backcountry hunting. But like with any set up my challenge is to keep the weight to something that I can manage.