• Aznealz

    “Above all, be polite.” THAT is worth more than most folks can imagine. I might add that if the agency has an anonomous tip line for game law violations, and most do, ask what that is. We can’t be everywhere and by offering your eyes and ears, you establish that you’re an ethical hunter and want to help.

    If you have trail cam pics in the GMU or region the Wildlife Manager, WM, patrols, offer to share them. Although it may seem like spilling personal proprietary data, it can be immensely useful for research, and goes a long way to bolster your own credibility.

    And if you’re local, offer to volunteer for some aspect of the WM’s duties. Most will take you up on it. You might also get invited on a “ride along” which will give you some great insights into the daily routine – if it can be called that – a WM experiences.

    • SoleAdventure

      Great thoughts, thank you for sharing! It would be pretty cool to get a “ride along” experience.