• Definitely adding step ups to my regimen

    • SoleAdventure

      Step-ups will definitely get those legs burning! I like using various heights, too. My picnic table isn’t very high, so I’ll switch between that and a higher platform that I have a the house.

  • As a certified personal trainer from two of the best organizations (and the most difficult tests to pass), ACSM & NSCA, I can tell you that these are great strength building exercises. One caution with lunges. These exercises increase the shearing forces on the knee joint. Many older folks can not perform this movement without significant pain. In addition, as an elite level cyclist, I have had to eliminate them from my training regime. My advice… if you do lunges, keep the weight light and the repetitions high. The biggest threat to solid training is injury. Build up slowly and focus on exercises that mimic what it is that you are doing. Step ups, squats and lunges can be good. A weighted pack and a real hill to climb is better.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thank you, Doug, for taking the time to share that. I’m certainly no expert, so I appreciate the word of advice and warning. And I wholeheartedly agree that nothing replaces a heavy pack and a big, steep hill.

  • Excellent pointers, Mark. Leg work is a MUST for any elk hunter heading into the mountains. No matter how hard you work (and I recommend working them hard) you will still wish you had worked harder. At least in my case that is true. I worked my legs, but missed a few key exercises that would have helped.

  • Awesome!!!