• I have heard a lot about Steve and his books but I haven’t had the opportunity to pick one up yet to read. I plan on doing so.

    • Erin M.

      You will love them!

    • TheWilltoHunt

      Yeah you need to change that :-). His latest is great but they are all good.

  • Philip Peterson

    Good stuff Mark, great interview. I agree Steve is one of those types of hunters we all strive to be. He is out there doing it for the right reasons. I found the Wilderness Athlete drink mixes last year for our 10 day hunt, and it will now be a staple in my hunting gear, especially chasing elk.

  • Erin M.

    Steve is awesome! He sent us some autographed books to be auctioned off at our BOW Skills Weekend. great guy and great interview.

  • TheWilltoHunt

    Great Interview! Like you said Steve is one of the few people in the outdoor industry I actually look up to.

  • Excellent interview, Mark. Did you get any interview pointers from Will? All kidding aside, a well directed interview from a great knowledge base.

  • Glynn W

    Great interview. Love Steve! A great representative for the hunting community.

  • Phil

    Great interview, I can’t wait to see the Elk hunt MeatEaters episode, that is going to be crazy!!!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the interview. I’ve read the Buffalo book and Meat Eater and enjoyed them both. Definitely recommend them.

  • Elaine

    I have watched many of your shows on hunting channel.

  • Shane

    Just read Steve’s book. Awesome book!

  • I have “Meat Eater” ordered.

  • Jay Skiles

    Big fan of Steve’s books – They help me get through the off season!

  • Just started on Meat Eater, nice to see Vero Beach’s “Vero Man” get a mention!

  • One of the best hunting shows on T.V. and one of the best hunting blogs. Great interview Mark. Can’t wait to see the elk episodes.

  • SSGCasper

    Big fan of Steve, he brings a realistic-ness to hunting shows that many do not. Most end when the arrow or bullet is sent downrange and the pictures of the downed animal are taken, he shows the bitter failures of missing game, the gore of dressing game, and most important the reverence of eating and enjoying the product of what you hunted!

  • Great interview! I’m looking forward to the elk hunting episode of Meat Eater.

  • dnlkrrgn

    I enjoy the holistic approach to hunting that Steve brings to his show.

  • Nick

    Meateater is one of the greatest shows on today. Keep it up steve!

  • Allan K.

    Great interview Mark. I’ve been watching Meateater since the first episode. Steve is one guy that can articulate what
    hunting is all about.

  • B80

    Steven Rinella is what all hunters should strive to emulate. What a stud!

  • Rufus A Bailey

    I watch Meat Eater all the time.

  • Andrew Rayner

    Meat Eater is one of my favorite shows.

  • Never seen Steve’s show, but heard a interview of him and he sounds like a down to earth outdoorsman.