Functional, Fascinating, or Funny? – 6 Interesting Products from the 2013 ATA Show

So far my coverage of the 2013 ATA Show has focused on new and exciting products from established manufacturers, but part of what makes the ATA Show so interesting is seeing what clever or peculiar products smaller companies are trying to bring to market.

Functional, Fascinating, or Funny?  Let me know how you feel these products!

The Rac-Em-Bac Bow Mag

Forget broadheads!  Now you can shoot a .357 directly from your bow…

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The Game Vector Deer Recovery System

The Game Vector is an arrow-mounted transmitter that is implanted into the deer upon impact.  You can then use the hand-held receiver included with the Game Vector system to track the transmitter and recover your deer.

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Double Barrel Arrow Loader

A bow mounted arrow holder that gives you an opportunity to quickly reload an arrow for fast follow-up shots…

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Steady Form Torque Eliminator

The idea of the Steady Form is to make it physically impossible to torque the bow, and ensure good form on every shot…

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ARC Outdoor Gear’s Kutz-All & Extend-A-Limb

ARC Outdoor Gear’s Kutz-All and Field Dressing Kits are multipurpose cutting tools that are self-contained in a waterproof tube, which functions as the tool’s handle.  ARC also has an Extend-A-Limb attachment, which allows you to use a branch or sapling to convert their handheld tools into a pole saw/pruner.

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Real Gear’s SMART System Holster

Real Gear’s mission is to solve real problems.  Their new SMART System Holster is built for hunters that use their phones and digital devices while in the treestand…

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What do you think?

Functional, fascinating, or funny – which of these items fall into each of those categories. I have my opinion, but I want to hear yours!


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