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Shooting the Elite Archery Pure

TOOL (noun) – A device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

I enjoy working with tools to build or repair things, but if I am honest, I am a complete novice when it comes to these tasks.  Because I don’t have much skill in this area, I am not very particular about what tools I use for such jobs – I will gladly pick up any old hammer, drill, or saw.  Sure, good tools are nice, but the best of tools won’t produce exceptional work when wielded by incapable hands.

Conversely, those who have special skill and interest in any endeavor will want to use the best tools available to them.  So it is for me with bowhunting.

My passion and dedication for bowhunting led me to stop treating my bow as just “any old tool”, and to really look at my bow as an essential extension of who I am as a bowhunter.  A couple of years ago I set out to find the best bow for me.  I shot every bow I could get my hands on, spent countless hours doing research online, talked with many bowhunters that I respected, and categorically analyzed what type of bow best fit my needs.

Elite Archery Pure

Roughly a year of research and experimenting led me to the Elite Archery Pure, and in October of 2011 I placed my order for the just-announced 2012 model.  I waited patiently, and then no-so-patiently, for my bow to be built and delivered.  (Being a left-handed archer is a curse!)

The wait for this bow turned into quite an ordeal and I debated cancelling my order and buying something else.  But as it turns out, my wait was going to be long for any new model bow from any manufacturer, and more importantly, I knew in my gut that my research led me to the Pure for a reason.

The wait finally ended and my Pure arrived at the dealer.  I had a lot of expectations for this bow.  I spent a lot of time researching, a lot of money buying, and then a lot of time waiting.  Would this bow really live up to all that I had hoped?

Here we are, many months later, and I am pretty sure I could talk all day about Elite Archery and the Pure, but I’ll summarize this review with 5 reasons why I love this bow.

1) Draw Cycle

It is really hard to describe the Pure’s draw cycle with words.  Yes, I can tell you that the draw is silky smooth, rolling easily into and then past peak weight.  I could tell you about the generous valley and incredibly solid back wall.  We could talk about how easy it is to hold at full draw and how you almost have to force the bow to let down.

But those are just words.  Really, you have to draw an Elite bow to ‘get it’.

2) Fit & Feel

The Pure just fits me.  It feels right in my hand and I feel 100% comfortable at full draw.  The current trend in hunting bows (although I think we are seeing this trend begin to reverse slightly) is pushing towards shorter and shorter axle-to-axle (ATA) lengths.  I’ve tried shooting 34”, 32”, and 30” bows.  The 34” was tolerable, but the 36” Pure is really ideal for me.  Few bows have been as stable and balanced as the Pure has for me, and the longer ATA is a perfect fit for my 30” draw length.

Elite Archery Pure

3) Accuracy & Forgiveness

The Pure has proven to be incredibly accurate and forgiving.  I’ve never been this consistent, and I’ve never felt like I was fighting with the bow in any way.  Even when I execute a less-than-perfect release, the Pure doesn’t amplify my imperfections in the way that some other bows have for me.  I accredit this to the longer ATA, generous brace height, and the fact that this bow holds a solid tune.

4) Details

Small things do matter.  Elite Archery understands this.  There are many details that I could point out about Elite bows, a few of my favorites include the impeccable fit and finish, the factory installed Limbsaver silencing kit, the dual sight-mount options, and the tunable cable guard rod.  Elite isn’t out to win the technology or IBO speed race; they are more concerned with building the best bow from the smallest detail on up.

5) Warranty & Service

Elite Archery is known for their customer service and warranty.  All Elite bows feature a lifetime warranty on the riser, pocket, and limbs, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty is fully transferable…If it is an Elite bow, it is covered.  Period.

Elite is also known for going above and beyond in their customer service, which I have experienced firsthand.

The Negatives

As you can probably tell by now, I am a huge fan of the Elite Archery Pure.  But if there is one criticism I have of this bow it would be that there is a bit of ‘feel’ at release.  I don’t know if I would quite label this as recoil, although I could see how that would be appropriate, but overall the Pure isn’t as dead in the hand upon release as some bows that I have shot.  I think this is simply a matter of the Pure’s size and limb geometry.  This ‘kick’ is most noticeable on a bare bow, and when you out fit the Pure with accessories, including a decent stabilizer, the bow becomes very tame in the hand.

Elite Archery Pure - EFX Cam

In Conclusion

I invested a lot of time and money into my purchase of the Elite Archery Pure, and along with that came some very high expectations.  If I would have to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.  The Pure is an outstanding bow for my needs and I can’t imagine shooting something else.  What it all boils down to for me is that the Pure specifically, and Elite Archery bows in general, are focused on shootability and outstanding quality, and these two things mean more to me than anything else.

The biggest compliment I can give the Pure is this…

I was recently offered a writing and field staff position from a major bow manufacturer, which would have included receiving a free, fully outfitted bow of my choice.  I passed on this offer for a few reasons, but one of the major deciding factors was that I just couldn’t give up shooting my Elite Archery Pure.

Would I shoot the Pure even if another bow manufacturer offered me a free top-tier bow?  Yes, I would!

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  • The Will to Hunt

    Great Review Mark!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Will!

  • Kevin

    I have been waiting for that review. Thank you! I am glad that patience paid off.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Kevin!

  • Basement Bowhunter

    I have a Z28 from a few years back and I love it. I was able to try out the Pure this summer and lets just say I was asking my wife when I could get a new bow. You have a really sweet set up and like you said you would be hard pressed to find a better bow, even if it came for free.

    • SoleAdventure

      The Z28 is a great bow. I know of several guys that have hung onto their for quite some time.

  • RangersPath

    Hey Mark,

    Not that I don’t love the post on your upcoming Elk hunt, but I was wondering if you had any plans on doing reviews on your 2013 Elite Answer and Hunter at any point soon? Which of the 3 are going elk hunting with you? As always love the blog. Great work!!

    • SoleAdventure

      Yes, I will definitely be reviewing the Answer and the Hunter, as well as covering all aspects of my bow and arrow setup for my elk hunt. I am 95% sure the Answer is going to be my primary bow for the elk hunt, but I’ll also have the Pure or Hunter in the car as a backup. I’m glad you’re enjoying the elk articles, but don’t worry – there will still be plenty of more general archery/bowhunting articles to come, too.