• Once again, a very thorough and in depth review. The video addition was just what we needed to see, too. I’ll admit, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the price tag, too. After reading about the construction, accuracy and lifetime warranty, well I have changed my mind.  i am looking into the possibility of shooting these at some point in the future. Right now I am set for broadheads, but who knows, I may just change my mind. Great review, Mark, and good luck this season!

  • Very interesting … I might need to try these!

  • They look identical to the Carbon Express XT-4. Which fly great, have great penetration and quick kills. The XT-4 cost about $21.00 per three. I have taken eight animals with the XT-4’s and the longest that any of them stayed on their feet was nine seconds. One white-tailed doe lasted three seconds before she took a dirt nap.

    • SoleAdventure

      Yes, they are similar at first glance. (There are some major differences in materials and construction though.) I’m glad to hear about your success with the XT-4…I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

  • Mark, I have been seriously considering the Solid Broadheads. Did you add an update as to how they performed in the field for you? I would be very interested to know.

    • SoleAdventure

      They’ve been great for me with deer. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to use them on elk yet. They fly like darts and hold an edge extremely well. The only thing not to like, really, is the sticker shock.

  • mike mellon

    Once again your review has made me look closer at a product if not sold me on it. What a quality piece of equipment. I plan on buying them as soon as I decide which model. Any suggestion on which ones to buy, the 1/2″ bleeder or the 3/4″ version. Also have you tested the accuracy of the 125gr model?

    • SoleAdventure

      I’ve shot a the “old” 125s a ton since this initial review, but I haven’t shot the new 125g design (the larger head, whereas the older 125 was the same size as the 100, but with less material cut out). Bleeder size is really preference, and doesn’t affect accuracy. Even though the new 125 is larger, it’s still the same design and has the same profile – I’m sure it flies great.

  • JT

    I ordered two sets of the 100g Legend with the 1/2″ bleeder. They are about as good as it gets for sharpness and quality. And what you mentioned about the steel used is true, just like with good knives. I’ve been using Magnus Stingers and they work fine on deer but I’m heading to NM this Sept for elk. The price? When you factor in the cost of everything else like the equipment, clothing, and the hunt itself why quibble over the most essential piece of your equipment!!
    They do seem to shoot to the same point of aim as my field points which is a real advantage and that is with either bow, the Energy 35 (the primary bow) or the Hoyt Carbon Element (my backup). And this is out to 50 yards which is past what I consider my effective range anyway.

  • michael

    Nice review, I’ve learned from years of being a gearhead(ice climbing, rock climbing, mtn biking etc) the overall cost of quality gear costs less. I don’t have a a problem with the price. However, I’m hesitant to pay the money when the design doesn’t follow the best research we have on broadheads.

    I’ve been reading the study by Dr Ed Ashby(haven’t finished it) about broad head cutting effectiveness and it seems two bladed single beveled blades work the best, due to the continued rotation of the arrow through the animal.

    1. Any idea why an innovator like Solid isn’t using this research?
    2. Is it simply multiple blades look much cooler?
    3. Am I misunderstanding the Ashby results?
    4. Do you know of manufacturers that make high-quality two bladed, single beveled, broadheads?


    • SoleAdventure

      If I were looking at a single-bevel, one of the first that I would consider would be Strickland’s Helix: http://www.stricklandsarchery.com/Helix.aspx.

      I have read some of Ashby’s stuff. Much of it seems to make sense. If I were shooting buffalo with a longbow, I’d be more apt to consider his research with more weight, but I just don’t think his “approach” is as necessary with the equipment and the style of hunting that I do.