1. WildAthlete

    Every archer owes it to themself to read “Idiot Proof Archery” by Bernie Pellerite.  This exercise along with many others are outlined in the book.  Short of a personal coach I can’t think of money better spent.

  2. S. Scott Johnson

    Very good advice! I’ve done something similar with shooting pistols. The instructor showed me my tendency to flinch by secretly removing a bullet from the clip. It was very obvious how much I flinched when I pulled the trigger and the gun didn’t fire. The instructor also stood behind me like you described and pulled the trigger for me once I had the sight lined up. He hit the bullseye everytime while I held the pistol on the target. He also suggested I practice pulling the trigger without bullets and get the feel of the trigger action. These exercises did help me become more accurate with the pistol. So it is very much a mind-over-matter kind of thing.

    • SoleAdventure

      Scott, that is actually where I originally got the idea for this exercise. I used to shoot pistols quite a bit before I started bowhunting.

  3. thepathlesswoods.com

    Good advice, for sure. I think the sure-fire way to (nearly) eliminate target panic is to practice (or hunt) with a back tension release. It helps with target panic AND greatly improves your form. 

    • SoleAdventure

      Good point! A back tension release will certainly help eliminate target panic, but in my admittedly limited experience shooting with one, I can’t imagine hunting with one. Some guys successfully hunt with them though.

      • thepathlesswoods.com

        I am like you, I cannot hunt with one. But my two hunting partners both do and with great success. It can be done it just takes loads of practice and confidence in your abilities to handle one under pressure..

  4. RasherQuivers

    Great Post!!  What you just described is an archery exercise I call, Aiming Drill #1.  I did a youtube video on it a while back.

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