• Rufe

    Great article, Steve is a busy man.  I have his “Ninety Percent” dvd and really like it.  His s and s archery site also gives great info on setting up a bow, take a look.  Congratulations on your up coming marriage.

  • Will Jenkins

    Great Interview Mark! Steve man, good luck with all your endeavors definitely excited to see where you go with all of this!

    P.S. Tweeted & Liked Both as well!

  • I have entered to win your giveaway. Great article and can’t wait to see your broadheads in action.

  • Great article and one mean looking broadhead. As a traditional archer I have to ask the obvious question. Any plans for a glue on model?

  • Phil Spradley

    Awesome interview Mark, when I get around to ordering a bow I will check him out for sure.  Those broadheads look amazing.  

  • I cannot wait for this to come out! I enjoyed Pure Elevation greatly and this looks to be even better! Don’t count me in for the giveaway as I am going to purchase the DVD, but I had to comment. Awesome.

  • thepathlesswoods.com

    great article, and yeah, I would love to win the DVD.

  • Excellent interview! I’m frustrated I won’t be able to make it to the Bogus Challenge this weekend!! Those broadheads look pretty wicked.. I tweeted this as well. Great job once again Mark!

  • Tom

    Great interview, Mark!  Steve, hat’s off to you for not caving to crappy product design!  I’d love to give your new heads a spin (no pun intended) this fall!

  • Brandon Mahan

    Looks like an awesome film, can’t wait!

  • brandon mahan

    liked both the pages!

  • Speckinator

    Cool interview . Flying from WV to the Bogus shoot Friday morning.

  • Karl Kortemeier

    Great interview.  I plan on ordering the dvd.  Thanks for the great posts!

  • Linne Jarod

    Excellent job on everything here!  I also liked your pages on FB. 

  • Good stuff man!

  • BTW… Tweeted it. :)

  • Pat Barber

    Steve Speck, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Im fairly new to bowhunting but a long time hunter. I look forward to using your Solid Broadheads.

  • Illini

    Good stuff here!  Good luck on the new BH design.  It’s refreshing to see someone tackle the industry head on.

  • S R Evans

    Great article. I am TTH subscriber and got to article off a link from their website. I would like to enter to win new DVD. Will check out last seasons DVD also and great looking broad heads.

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    S&S and Pure Elevation is a great company and website! I’ve ‘liked’ both pages on Facebook

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    Liked both…. Very motivating to traintohunt!!

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    Nice article and looking forward to seeing more.

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    Great Videos, keep it up.

  • Cummings6531

    Great Videos, keep it up.

  • David K Benoit

    Wow, and I thought I was busy. :) Enjoy all that you are doing, especially that wedding! 

    I tweeted for the giveaway.