• I’ve talked to you a time or two about starting to fletch my own arrows but I still haven’t taken the leap, but this looks like something I could handle no problem! This would also be a great thing to have as a back up in the field just like you stated! Count me in for sure!

  • Blakely Byrd

    I hears about this from Foggy Mountain Meanderings on Twitter. I love this review! It obviously took some time and is well put together. Hunting gear is something that I think most would agree is pricy. Reviews such as yours almost allow readers to try the products ourselves without the initial purchase. I appreciate that. I would love to try some Blood Vanes after this positive review

  • Allen Raynor

    Seems like these could make backcountry repairs a little easier but if you are already shooting these you probably wouldn’t have damaged your fletching in the first place. Probably would have to get my hands on these before making up my mind on them. Seems convenient though. Basically a lot like quickfletch without the boiling.

  • Tfrench3437

    Good idea…..anxious to see how they perform for me.

  • JohnU

    This looks like fletching I can do!

  • Great review, Mark. As usual, I am going to play Devil’s Advocate here. I have a couple of important questions that haven’t been addressed. I know that sometimes when I am shooting, I’ll shoot an arrow right through a vane, leaving a hole. Doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. This, in turn, make considerable noise when flying downrange. The best option is to remove the vane and put a new one on. My question is have you tried removing one of these and replacing it and how would you do it efficiently? I am VERY curious about this.

    Second question is was all of the testing done outside? The reason behind this is that I have tested some vanes outdoors and then indoors. When moving to an indoor range I was able to pinpoint the vanes making more noise downrange. You mentioned these make a little noise. I wonder what they would sound like indoors and then to an animal. Might be a deal breaker if they make more indoors.

    I look forward to your response!


    • SoleAdventure

      Good questions, Al.  

      The entire assembly is one mold so there is no way to replace one of the “individual” vanes; the whole vane assembly must be replaced.  I actually did shoot through one of the vanes, and yes, noise did increase, but flight was fine and I continued to practice with that arrow.  

      I did test how easy it was to remove a vane assembly, and the process was simple.  I inverted (blade up towards the sky) a razor blade and used the tip to “cut” the vane length wise.  There was some glue reside left over, just as there would be with a standard fletching job, and it came off easily.  I am sure that a standard vane stripper would work just as well.All of my testing was performed outdoors.  I don’t shoot indoors at all, so I can’t say how they would sound inside of a range.  As far as noise alerting an animal, I don’t have any worries.  The sound was less than that of shooting a fixed-blade broadhead, and even that noise is not as perceivable from down range.  There are some interesting videos that track arrow noise from the rear (shooter’s perspective) and compare it to the the downrange (target/animal’s) perspective.  These videos indicate that while noise may be apparent from the rear, it is not much of a factor at the “receiving end” of things.

  • They look awesome I’d love to try them! Great review as always!

  • Ben Adams

    Looks like you put it through the ringer testing it! Good test shooting it through the cardboard. The one piece construction seems like it would last a lot longer than gluing individual vanes on the arrow.  Do you know if they have plans to make different colors other than the blaze orange?

    • SoleAdventure

      I know that the Blood Vanes come in orange, White, and Green.  The packs that I have to give away are green.

  • Ben Adams


  • Jch1976

    I would love to give these a shot!

  • Great review Mark. It sounds like they are a decent product! Well done sir.

  • Scott L.

    I would love to start fetching arrows myself. These would get me rolling! They look great!

  • Roy Abernathy

    I used to use the fast fletch, but I would love to try these.

  • Kevin

    Great review. I had the same question as Al. Thanks for answering it.

  • Randy G.

    I love the concept of the vanes. I fletch my own arrows but have had the same problem with vanes coming off in flight as well as when they hit targets in 3D shoots. What degree of helical do they come in? And do you make them in something other then blazer vane style? The comments on noise is real with ANY blazer type of vane. By switching to vane tech 4″ vanes will quite them by over 50%. Just wondered if you have made them in that still.

    • SoleAdventure

      Hi Randy. The current model does not come in a helical, just an offset, which I believe is 3 degrees. There is just the one vane profile (Blazer type). I would be surprised if you didn’t see other options (helical, vane profiles, etc) in the future.