Friday Files – Arrow Building, Treestand Tactics, The History of the American Hunter

Photo of the Week

The guys from Adventurous Bowhunter have once again done an amazing job at capturing the story of a great hunt.  Check out this photo from an Ibex stalk, and be sure to read the story.

Ibex Stalk - Photo via

Arrow Building in 10 Easy Steps

The folks from Eastman’s have put together a good video series on the 10 steps that it takes to build an arrow.  This video covers it all, including shaft preparation, insert installation, fletching, and more. Check it out!  Part I, Part II

Loose an Arrow, Lose an Arrow

This is a must-read post from my buddy Nick over at Life and Longbows.  Seriously.  Go read it!

Steven Rinella’s new book – Meat Eater

Many of you may know Steven Rinella from his television shows Meat Eater and The Wild Within.  Some of you may also know that Steve is also a best-selling author.  In fact, I first discovered Rinella because of his books.  Steve’s shows are great; I thoroughly enjoy them.  However, as good as Steve’s shows are, his writing is that much better.  I am really looking forward to digging into his new book Meat Eater: A Natural History of an American Hunter.  The book is due out in September, but you can pre-order it now.

Hang and Hunt

Dave Hurteau, from the Whitetail 365 blog at Field & Stream, is doing a series of posts on “Hang and Hunt” – the strategy of packing in a hang-on stand, hunting it that day, and then packing everything out. There are several advantages of this type of hunting, and it is my main strategy for this fall, so I will be sure to cover this more in the next few months.  Setting up a hang-on for each and every hunt sounds like a massive undertaking, but it can be surprisingly efficient.  See for yourself.  Be sure to catch the second video as well.

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