• Kevin

    I am sure you can also attest to this… These seven traits/characteristics/secrets can not only make a successful hunter, but also make a better person, in general. The key is that we have to commit these ideas to our lives and never give up. Thanks again for another truthful, well thought out  post.

    • SoleAdventure

      You are definitely right, Kevin.  I think if you look at three people that are successful in three vastly different pursuits then you will likely see a lot of common traits (the person), and a few traits that are unique (the pursuit).

  • As always great post Mark! 
     . . . Oh and I’m not afraid of the dark I’m afraid of what’s in it and do you have proof there REALLY isn’t a boogeyman? LOL The scariest thing that ever happens in the dark or light for that matter  is walking through a really thick spider web and then flailing like you’re fighting a ghost trying to get it off of you!!!

    • SoleAdventure

      That is the worst! Stepping into an unseen spider web causes me to break out ninja skills that I didn’t even know I had. You should see some of my moves!

      • jpuke

        I once jumped a covy of quail in the dark and legitimately almost pee’d my pants lol… The dark can definitely be scary. 

        • SoleAdventure

          I bet you woke up fast after that happened!

        • That reminds me of a time I inadvertently snuck up on a doe walking out in the dark with no light and got real close before she blew at me  . . . good lord she had to be less than 10 yards away and I had no clue she was there until heard that loud whistle like blowing sound!

  • brian

    Sorry, but there is a boogeyman and he goes by the name of grizzly. Hiking in the dark, alone, in the heart of grizzly country in NW Montana is scary. Good luck this season!

    • SoleAdventure

      Alright, you got me on that one, Brian!