Friday Files – Hunting Spooked Deer, A Photo Contest, and A Map You Must See,

Roadless Lands in the US

Roadless Lands

There are, unfortunately, some groups that claim to be for sportsmen, and are supporting H.R. 1581, the “Roadless Area Release Act”.  These groups are spinning this act as something that will open up lands to hunters, fisherman, and other outdoorsmen.  What this act will actually do is open up some of our last great wilderness to abuse by motorized vehicles.  Take a look at the map above, noting the green areas.  The darkest green areas represent the areas with the least road density.  See how little of that land there is?  Do we really want to open that glorious land up to motorized vehicle use?  The lie is that this act will open up these lands to recreational use.  The truth is that these lands are already used for hunting and fishing, as well as other recreational use, by those folks who are willing to expend energy of their own (and not of an engine) to reach them, enjoy them, and glory in the last bits of land that are truly remote.  For more information, read this article from the great Hal Herring, in which he summarizes… “an estimated 98% of the American landscape is within one mile of a road or motorized access. How could it be selfish to want to retain the last 2% in a more natural state?)”  Read the rest…

//DIVERGE// – A Photo Contest

Sitka Gear is running a photo contest over on their Facebook page.  Even if you don’t have anything to enter into the content, I highly recommend that you go check out the entries.  There are some inspiring images!  Check them out…

Hunting Spooked Deer

I settled into a spot that I was incredibly excited about.  I knew some bucks were in the area, and I knew I would get a chance at ’em.  It didn’t take long and here comes a buck moving in.  BAM!  He spooks!  Maybe the wind swirled, maybe he caught my movement, either way, I am busted and he is spooked.  What now?  Here are some good thoughts on hunting spooked deer.


For the last couple years, my buddy Rudy has been hard at work on a project that documents “every day” deer hunters.  No celebrities.  No ranches.  No staged hunts.  Rudy captures real hunters and real hunting.  Check out the trailer for Season 2 of Huntography, and keep an eye out for news about Season 3, which will be filming this coming fall.  You never know who you may see hunting next.  (Hint, hint.)

Learn more at

Bowhunting Alaska – 1926

From Jorge Amador over at Adventurous Bowhunter… “Probably the first bowhunting film ever,  a real expedition to Alaska in 1926 !!!  They hunt bear and moose in this film, no scentlock, no camo, no mechanical broadheads, no electronic calls, only their woodsman skills.”

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  • Erin M.

    Maine has been protecting our chunk of green.   There is an issue of an east/west highway that will is starting to get more media attention as it is a fight between private investors and groups/individuals who are working to keep a free flow of animal traffic in those areas.  There has also been a lot of media coverage surrounding a potential State park abutting Baxter State Park, but the people of Maine are fighting to keep the lands as they are;  available for hunting, fishing, hiking and no motorized vehicles.  There are many of us who realize what an amazing place we live in and are working to keep the map green.

    • SoleAdventure

      It is definitely striking to see how much “green” there is in Maine on that map. Maine is definitely unique in the east when it comes to the amount of remote areas. Keep up the fight!