1. Albert Quackenbush

    After your extensive testing, I am very curious about these. I have heard good things and knowing you are giving honest opinions based on actual testing makes me think these are a good buy. Thanks for the review, Mark!

    • SoleAdventure

      My pleasure, Al. I really liked the design of the Shuttle T last year, but the moderate blade sharpness kept me from really loving it. I am really happy to see it improved. The design has a unique place in the market, and I just love the way it flies.

  2. Very Cool Mark! I tested the ones you sent me and liked them but they were super dull especially after you had shot them. Glad to see they listened to your feedback!  Might have to give these another go but I do love those Montecs!

  3. Raptor55

    Just purchased a pack of the new black ones.  All I can say is this,  Did Trophy Taker send you the one’s you tested ?  Because the 3 pack I just bought contains the dullest broadhead blades I have ever purchased.   For $40 bucks and no practice head,  I can only hope they at least fly and penetrate as advertised ! 

  4. Raptor55

    I called Trophy Taker as they are near me in my home state. Turns out they had a small batch get out the door that missed QC and they were not sharpened. They shipped me a new pack and I had them the next day. I shot these broadheads at 25 to 40 yards and and they fly great for me. Can’t wait to field test them. Sharpening a curved blade is a little challenging but not impossible.

    • SoleAdventure

      I am glad to hear that they made it right for you! (I was surprised to hear of your earlier comment.) Sharpening the curved blades is a down-side to these heads, but it is really one of the only bad things that I can think of on these. If you use a stick type sharpener you should be able to touch them up without too much trouble.

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