The Trail Camera Tells All…

I have been shed hunting a few times this year.  No big trips really, just a couple of hours here and there.  Despite my best efforts I have yet to snag some bone.  I can understand why I didn’t find anything on my last trip; after all a 600 acre fire is sure to mess with things.  What has really had me puzzled is that I haven’t pulled any sheds off of one local spot that I know holds some good bucks.  After checking my camera this weekend I had proof that one of my theories was indeed true.  Bucks are still holding onto their head-gear!  Out of the 5 bucks that I have on camera in the last couple of weeks, only one of them has dropped.  Here we are, heading into late March, and the majority of the bucks that I have seen are still holding on.  It looks like shed hunting will coincide with turkey hunting this year!

Still holding on

Speaking of turkey…

Turkey Time!

I had dozens and dozens of turkey on the camera.  It seems they really like the ridge top that I had this setup on, and I am pretty sure I know the path that they are taking to and from this spot.  I moved my camera to confirm their route, and hopefully I can pattern these bad boys before the season starts in just under a month.  I always feel like I am heading into turkey season ill-informed.  I never can seem to put much time together to scout these elusive birds, and the properties that I hunt them on can be downright tough.  My camera is a huge asset this time of year!

Turkey Time! Turkey Time!
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  • Al Quackenbush

    Sweet photos, Mark! Unreal that the bucks are still wearing their headgear. Those turkey shots are great. That is some great info for you right there.