• Mark, like you I am a skeptic when it comes to drinks and powders to aid your workout and recovery plans. Your review is something I have been waiting a long time for. I used to used a product about 17 years ago that was great, but it tasted like chalky, fruit punch. Worked great, but I hated the flavor. This sounds like it is right up my alley!! I will definitely be looking into this more and training harder for September. A well-written review that pulls no punches. I like that.

  • I’m about ready to pull the trigger on some of this to try it out. I’m hoping it works as good as I’ve read.

  • John Heller

    Mark, what do you pack the supplements in when you go hunting? It appears that they are sold in large containers which aren’t conducive for packing in. I’ve always used Gatorade or plain water but I’m going to give this stuff a try.

    • SoleAdventure

      John, there are obviously smaller plastic containers and things, but my favorite little trick is this… Go to Panera and ask for some of their smoothie or iced coffee straws. (They are nice and fat, and yes, they will give them to you.) Now, go home and pinch the end of the straw with a set of pliers…leaving just a little plastic exposed. Melt that little bit of plastic with a lighter, which melts the pinch together and seals the end of the straw. Fill the straw with one serving (fits just about perfectly), then melt the other end. You now hove a self-contained stick of powder. OR…save yourself some work and buy the single-serving packs directly from WA (but it is not as good of a value).