Friday Files – Sitka vs. KUIU, Adventurous Bowhunter, NWTF Conservation

Sitka vs. KUIU

Photo by Kendrick Outdoors

If you are shopping for, or maybe just dreaming about, some of the latest and greatest technical hunting wear, then you really need to check out this great review series over at Team Kendrick Outdoors.  They are going through the Sitka and KUIU systems step-by-step.  Ever wondered how KUIU’s Attack pants compared to the Sitka Ascent pant?  Or, maybe you are interested in hearing how the KUIU merino base layers compare to Sitka’s offerings.  It is all covered in this great series.  Introduction, Base Layers, Pants, Jackets & Vests, Accessories, Conclusion

Adventurous Bowhunter

Several bowhunters from around the globe have teamed up to contribute to this new site.  Read about species and hunts that many of us will only dream about, or may have never even heard of.  Good writing, great imagery, and amazing hunts…you have to check out Adventurous Bowhunter!

How do you conserve wildlife by hunting?

Great question!  Hear how the National Wild Turkey Foundation has answered that question.  Learn more…

Natural Awareness: The Hunter’s Ultimate Asset

Do yourself a favor and read this article.  But, don’t just read it, be inspired by it.  I am so thankful that I am a hunter, and that I have been given the opportunity to grow in my natural awareness!  Be inspired…

Building a record book buck?

The title of this article series bugs me to no end.  I am not opposed to habitat improvement and many other QDMA efforts, but the thought of “building” a “wild” animal seems ridiculous to me.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong in the whitetail world.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the animal, and I love the hunt, but I just can’t get into “building” an animal for size.  That is just me.  How about you?  Read the article…

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