Become A Better Hunter Without Hunting

Focus and discipline.

Presence in the moment.

Managing expectations.

Learning from failure.


Anyone who has hunted for more than a day can relate to all of these things.  The quest to hunt is one that will test you mentally, physically, and even emotionally.  Sometimes things go right and it seems almost too easy. Sometimes, but not often.

Focus, discipline, presence, expectations, failure, patience.

That is hunting.

What if we can become better hunters by improving our abilities in these areas?  What if we learn to be more focused, more disciplined, more present, and more patient?  What if we learn to manage our expectations better? What if we learn to deal with failure, but not stop when we fail?

I think we can become better hunters by doing many things, which on the surface have nothing to do with hunting. These traits I have listed above have everything to do with hunting, and yet nothing to do with hunting.  This list of things came from a running blog that I frequent.  (The whole article is definitely worth a read!)

Some of you may enjoy running, but many of you hate it.  I get that.  I am not here to tell you that you need to run to hunt.  You don’t.

Running is just my way of learning these lessons.  Getting up at 3:30 am on a Saturday morning isn’t fun. Running in the dark for two hours isn’t fun.  Being alone in the woods, and being watched by dozens of glowing eyes isn’t fun.

I don’t do this for fun…

The reason I do all of this is because it makes me a better hunter, and ultimately a better man.  The physical benefits of pushing myself are good, but what really keeps me coming back is the challenge and the fact that I know I am conquering things.  I am learning to be more focused and disciplined.  I am learning to be more present.  I am learning to manage expectations and failure.  I am learning to be more patient.

I am learning to hunt.

In what ways can you learn to hunt, without hunting?  Think about it…

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  • Dustin

    Great post as always. That is definitely a list I need to work on as well.

  • John

    How bad is it that I knew exactly which part of the trail that was?

    • Mark

      John, I would expect nothing less of you! ;-)