• I couldn’t have said it better, Mark. I am with you and I train my legs more than anything. I used to be an all around, equal parts guy – this day legs, this day back and bi’s. It can still work, but my focus has changed to cardio and leg endurance. I figure I am not walking up or down a mountain on my hands, so it’s my legs I want to hammer on. One little thing I do is to take my backpack and fill it with weight and walk on my lunch break. While it is a flat surface, my legs are burning and by the time I take the pack off I feel like my legs are feathers. T-minus 7 months until elk season, time to get after it! Great post!

  • Great post, Mark! Here’s one I wrote a couple years ago titled, “Getting in elk shape” that I feel compliments your article pretty well: http://www.outdoorblog.net/pnwbowhunting/2010/08/09/getting-in-elk-shape/

    I completely agree that will power and a little creativity is all you need to be successful in getting in peak hunting condition.