Yearly Archives: 2011

Thank God For Unsuccessful Hunts

Archery season is finally here! Last night I was finally able to be up a tree, bow in hand once again. The temps were low for this time of year and my anticipation was high. The evening quickly turned to night and I found myself climbing down in the dark. There wasn’t a shot opportunity… Read more »

Be Your Own, Part I – Be Your Own Hunter

The hunting world can be overwhelming at times.  There is never a shortage of “new” tips, tricks, or strategies for bagging your biggest whitetail, elk, bear, or any other big game creature.  After all, these are the headlines that dominate most hunting publications.  Quite honestly, these ideas are old and worn out, but apparently they are good… Read more »

Interactive Bowhunting Shot Placement Game

In my last post I talked about being mentally prepared for hunting season.  One specific aspect of that mental preparedness is being ready to quickly evaluate shot opportunities that occur during a hunt. In a perfect world we can all have a nice broadside shot at a reasonable range, and have all day to draw,… Read more »

The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Being A Successful Hunter

Hunting season is upon us!  Some hunting seasons have been open for weeks, some seasons are starting today, and many more are right around the corner.  If you are like most hunters, you have been planning, practicing, and dreaming about this season.  Like myself, you have no doubt spent hours upon hours putting gear together,… Read more »

Hope, Photos, and Free Stuff

What a weird title, right? Hope I lost access to a good amount of hunting land this year, and yet my hopes are still high.  I have identified some promising spots on public land, and I still have a small spot of private land that is close to my house.  I am still hoping for… Read more »