• Darrel

    Looks like a nice knife. I value how a knife feels in my hand…am I able to hold it comfortably? And, does it hold an edge? Great article.

  • Looks like a great knife to me!

  • man, this will be nice for my hunting needs…..nice review

  • bill

    looks nice to me

  • Looks like a stout piece, I don’t think that a knife’s weight is that big of a deal.

  • Beautiful knife! I’ve always liked Gerber products, they’re usually not the BEST knives on the market but they are definitely above average. I would like to hear from a hunter on the value of the guthook on this knife.

  • I’d buy that for a dollar. Count me in fella.

  • Pick Me! Pick Me!

    Sure is a nice looking knife but I agree that 6.6oz is a little heavy but if it’s a good tool where I am I’m not hiking too far and weight isn’t a huge concern. For Comparison the Wicked Tree Gear Saw I reviewed is only 1.85oz heavier and it’s MASSIVE.

  • Steve Jerome

    Very nice looking knife, would be great to win and good luck to everyone.

  • Steve Jerome

    Very nice looking knife, would be great to win and good luck to everyone. Merry Christmas All

  • Great review, as always, Mark. Don’t include me for the giveaway. I just wanted to say that 6.6oz does seem heavy for a folder, but a good blade goes a long way. Best of luck to all who enter!

  • Michael

    Looks solid. They generally make pretty good stuff.

  • Rich

    It looks like a great knife for those situations where you aren’t trying to keep your weight down. I’ve had several Gerber products and I’ve been happy with all of them.

  • Adam

    Great review…and great knife!!!

  • JP

    I’ve been eyeballin’ that knife at the store for some time. Wouldn’t mind having one!

  • Ari Leach

    I am a fan of all things Gerber, and this knife would make an excellent addition to my collection! Is it bad to collect knives? I hope not…

  • Jacob Bixler

    I could definitely use that.

  • Jeff

    Great looking knife. I am always looking for a new knife to add to my collection.

  • andrew spratt

    solid bit of kit would love to put it with my hunting kit

  • Nick L.

    Looks fantastic, nice review!

  • josh

    Great looking knife….great review…..can you believe that Pujols left the Cardinals to play for the L.A. Angels!!??

  • Nick

    I love Gerber’s knives

  • Dave

    Sweet action!!

  • Tammy B

    I need a good knife for the field whether for chopping down vegetation or a feral hog.

  • Kevin


    You are a great person. Thank you for sharing your love with archery to all of us.

    By the way, it looks like a “sharp” blade.

  • Mike d

    Looks one hell of a sexy knife

  • Sean

    Nice knife! I’ve had afew Gerber knives and this one looks like another nice one.

  • Josh

    Huge Gerber fan… Would love to get my hands on a knife like this!

  • That sure is a purty knife! I actually don’t have one with a gut hook and that would come in handy (hint, hint)!

  • I don’t mind a heavy knife…especially if it is free! Thanks for the review…

  • Travis Bertrand

    Looks like a great knife. I will take quality with weight over cheapness and plastic any day! Well besides hunting the backcountry but then you need light quality as we all know and that costs some serious duckets! Thank you for a good honest, non biased review. Keep it up.

  • Tom

    Great review, Mark! Please don’t enter me in the drawing, I have too many knives too! ;-)

  • Craig

    Would make a great first first hunting knife for my 12 year old. Says he going to be a beast
    with the bow next season.

  • Kevin Hillman

    Looks like a really great knife!
    Gerber makes some very fine knives. I could really use a new gutting knife.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I love reading your reviews, keep posting them for us. That looks like a nice knife.


    I like the overall look of the knife, and am not bothered by the 6.6 oz weight, since I no longer walk anywhere. The review was really informative, and I would LOVE to win this blade as an addition to my collection.

  • jenn scot

    I’d like to have this knife. I like Gerber.

  • John

    Since TSA took mine, I could use a replacement and this would do nicely.

  • Jason B

    I really love this knife. I was about to buy it so I could take it with me and my grandfather when we go out hunting. But here in New Zealand it will cost me over $80 :(
    Was going to buy it from the Top Gear NZ store.
    Thanks for a great review! :)

  • Jason B

    Haha I take it back. Over $100 :P

    Heres a link: https://secure.zeald.com/topgear/results.html?q=freeman

  • Josh D

    This would be the perfect gift for my dad.

  • Scott W

    Looks like a good knife! Put me in the pool!

  • Sweet write up! Your honest opinion of the pros/cons is very well written!

  • I like the aesthetics, kind of modern/classic fusion. Would be a good knife to just have on standby. Count me in! (I’ll cover any extra shipping to Canada). Thanks.

  • Theo Brouwers

    Hello I am Theo Brouwers from the Netherlands (Europe) and I follow you on Twitter.
    I saw your tweet about the great knife and I would be very glad if you pick me to get the knife. I like wild camping with my wife and our 3 daughters and I also like Survival/ Bushcraft. Greeting from the Netherlands, Theo

  • I would like a free knife!

  • Jeff

    I could use this knife on the hunts I’m planning. Thanks.

  • Please put me in for the Gerber. Thanks a ton.