• Ben

    This is great news, my only complaint with all of these shows is that they aren’t available online, ever, and very few even get released to DVD. These stations have to get with the times or it will end bad. The days of cable TV are numbered.

    • Ben, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t have cable/satellite, and quite frankly I don’t miss most of the shows on there anyway. A few of the shows that I actually care to watch (Heartland Bowhunter, Solo Hunters, On Your Own Adventures) all post their full-length episodes online. I have a felling that Steven will be doing the same with Meat Eater.

  • Thanks for the heads up! This show looks awesome.

  • Great news, but I have one big concern: I’m told a lot of the hunting channels have production requirements that actually PROHIBIT producers from showing really honest, gritty footage, including mercy kills for wounded animals, animals rolling after being shot for more than a few seconds, and even gutting. The non-hunting channels have been pretty gutsy about this stuff (no pun intended); I sure hope Rinella doesn’t get held back.

    And amen on the DVD and online aspect – I don’t get Sportsman Channel, so I’ll never see this show. :-(

    • Holly, most shows that I have seen won’t show anything but bang/flop, or a staged recovery. There is nothing more than a successful hunter pose. No dressing, no meat, etc.

      I am hopeful that Meat Eater won’t end at the kill, and if the photos that Steve has posted (the link is above) are any indication of what we can expect, then I think this show will be MUCH different from the others.

      After all, this is “Meat Eater” and not “trophy killer”.

  • Mark, thanks for the shout out! I am with you – I cannot wait to see the new show and see how it differs from The Wild Within. I, too, hope that this new shows the nitty gritty of the kill and care of the meat after the kill. Should be interesting no matter what!

  • Guy H

    I lived all my life in Alaska and I must say it was refreshing to see MEATEATER.
    Most of these hunting programs are directed by non hunters which result in a very poor product.
    All the crap they show on TV, why not show ALL OF THE HUNT?
    I believe the show is very educational also!

  • JD Magee

    One of the best hunting shows I have seen. It’s great to see more than just a big rack. The use of the meat and spiritual connection to your game was top notch. That’s my style all the way.

  • 45-120 sharps

    Enjoy your show,but please stop the stupid backround music! It takes away from the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!