• Sorry you didn’t get to fill a tag but at least you got to see some good action. Shotgun season starts here Saturday so unless a dog is chasing it most deer will be nocturnal at least on the weekends . . .

    • Will, our firearm season ends on Tuesday, and then I have until Jan 15th to bowhunt. I am so ready to get back at it!

  • Mark, I always love reading your posts. Great writing and enthusiasm! Very exciting stuff and even though you didn’t punch a tag you got to see more in a few days than most hunters I have encountered out here have seen in years. Good insight, too. Trust your gut and if it’s windy, make a move. Keep up the hard work and I am sure you’ll fill that tag!

    • Thanks, Al! It felt great to be out there and have those encounters. I have a good amount of the season left, and I know I’ll connect soon enough.

  • I’m sure many a hunter, including myself has been in that situation where we knew deep down we were making the wrong decision to not move but just couldn’t get the body to do so. As unsuccessful as you think you were, in my book you had a good hunt. I’ve been unable to hunt a single outing during our archery season. way to busy and with no Sunday hunting in CT, hunting time has suffered. Keep on after them and enjoy every minute of it.

    • Passinthru, you are are right – despite the fact that I didn’t fill a tag, it was a good hunt. I fell for you guys who don’t have Sunday hunting. That sure does limit your opportunities. I hope you can get out there soon!

  • Sounds like my week in PA. As they say, always better than being at work. Good luck with the rest of the season.