• Another excellent review, Mark. Definitely well thought out and congrats on being selected to their shooting staff! Kudos! (Maybe I can convince HTA to get rid of that overused Bleeding Cowboys font they use and stick with the other logo. Looks so much stronger!) LOL – maybe I’ll ask to be on their advisory marketing staff. All kidding aside, it’s great to see and this is one of the best arrow reviews I have seen.

    • Thanks, Al! I think your average consumer would probably like their design, but as a graphic design I know that you see that style as overused. I do agree that their regular logo/mark is really strong!

  • Mark

    Congrats, Mark! IMO, the best part of this post is the fact that you were honest enough to include what you DIDN’T like. Solid move.

  • Very nice review… AWESOME PHOTOS!

    • Thanks, Chris! Taking the photos is actually one of my favorite parts of doing product reviews.

  • Mark, I absolutely love coming to your site to read your newest posts. Your desire for others to appreciate the hunt is really commendable. I appreciate that you honestly review the products to provide information to hunters. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Mike! I really do appreciate it.

  • Great job Mark. I have no problem with someone signing on with something they believe in. I hope to hear more about how they stand up in the long run as well. I currently shoot another brand, but I certainly would like to try these out, as I use the G5 Montec as well.

  • Steve

    Very nice review and well written. However while I agree arrow weight and straightness play a role in benefits to an archer, you left out the single most important factor when evaluating a good arrow from moderate one.(Spine consistency arrow-arrow and diameter of a single shaft)While you can have two of the straightest weight matched arrows on the planet if the spine is NOT consistent I guarantee your POI will be effected. So while the “average” archer will not see a benefit from a .003 to a .001 straightness, I 100% guarantee if that same archer has a matched spine that is consistent across a dozen arrows with nocks indexed to the backbone they will see the groups tighten up. And no I am not a guy who promotes another brand or brands of arrow. I am just an arrow nut case who loves testing and matching arrows for spine consistency and debunking claims of “dual spine”, “weight forward”, and “matched”. I would love to see data on this for the HT2 since the ProShop I have a relationship with does not carry Harvest Time.

    • Steve,

      Thanks for your comment! I agree that spine consistency is a critical factor for great arrow flight. The reason that I didn’t mention this in my review is simple – I didn’t have a way to test/verify it. As far as some data on this, I would take a look at this post from a major arrow builder (not affiliated with Harvest Time): http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1518218&p=1061250171#post1061250171

      Take care,

  • Steve


    thanks for pointing that out, I speak to Jerry fairly regular to compare findings. I have already reached out to him, and have some arrows coming for myself so I can evaluate them. thanks again for the review.