• Nice job on the review! I appreciate that you included high-quality photos to provide clarity of the details that make this quiver unique. Take care, Tom

    • Thanks, Tom. Until I got mine, I really struggled with understanding the mounting and adjustability by just reading about it. Hopefully these photos will help others if they are considering the TightSpot.

  • Excellent review, Mark. I also have the TightSpot and thought installation was pretty snappy. I notice that the foam insert comes out some when you pull your arrows out, even with field points, so I wonder what it will do with broadheads. I also had an issue with the price, at first, but you also have to remember there is a lifetime warranty on it. You drop it, run over it with your truck, whatever – they replace it at no charge to you. That is great service in my opinion! One thing that I think is key is that the quiver is meant to detach for a reason. I like shooting with it on, too… but more important I like it with it detached. With a quiver full of arrows I save almost a pound!

    • Al, great point about the warranty. It is definitely an added value to the steep price tag.

    • Al, I also forgot to address your mention of the foam coming out. I haven’t experienced that at all with field points or broadheads. I would ask TightSpot about it and see what they have to say.

  • lc12

    I liked the review, even though it was after the fact for me! I have had my TightSpot for over a year now and it is all that Mark said it was!!!
    And as stated above, they carry a lifetime warranty which I already made use of due to an error of the user, NOT the product!!!
    Great customer service. This item is well worth the price tag!!!

    • lc12, I hope I never have to use the warranty, but it is great to hear that they honored it with great customer service!

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  • Once again great review Mark. I’m looking at getting one of the G5 Mag Loc Quivers hopefully review to come!