• Janet Currin

    What beautiful work. Mr. Bynum has gone to the places many of us will only see in
    photos. Enjoyed the article and will look for his prints.

    • Thank you all for the feedback, it’s inspirational!

  • Tony:
    Awesome interview, and absolutely true words. You obviously do have the passion for you profession, and it shows in your incredible work. I also appreciate that one of your tenets to being a photographer is to be a good person.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and see you out there!

  • Phil Spradley

    Amazing interview, thanks for posting it. I wish i had the time and money to pursue a photography career.

  • Great interview. Very candid and positive. Now I am off to check out some more of Tony’s work!

  • Tommy Jenkins

    There is so much good info here…thanks for taking the time to share this.

    Count me in for a chance to win the print!

  • Billie Jo McEathron

    Your love for wildlife and the outdoors is so evident in your work. What a gift to achieve success in something that you find such joy in.

  • John U.

    Great interview, great philosophy and amazing work! Very glad to be introduced to Tony, I will certainly be passing along his site. Thanks!

  • Ronda Thornburg

    Tony, your passion shows in every picture I’ve seen. Thank you for bringing the incredible outdoors as seen through your eyes. Amazing.

  • I’m pleased that so many people found the interview worth reading, thank you all so much! I hope that people take to heart the main point that I wanted to get across that that’s do what makes you whole. Focus on what you do and do it as good as you can. The results of hard work and passion will show up in your work. I also hope that people understand that there is no magic bullet. What you get out of your life is what you put into it. Stay focused, and do what you do! Tony Bynum

  • Roy

    Thanks for posting this. You have soem graet images and some important wisdom in this piece. Congratulations.

  • Kathryn Flundra

    I am an amateur photographer, I started because I was passionate about my way of life and the place I lived. I photograph mainly from the back of a horse. I very seldom plan my pictures, I take them while we are working. What would your suggestion be for a very versatile, easy camera to carry on horseback. I love your work and would love to come with you and Rod sometime. I am not sure I could keep up on foot, though.

  • What a great article! I’m looking forward to getting a new Nikon camera to bring along during our hunts this year. I’ve always loved photography and am excited to see what new images I can capture through the lens of my camera.

  • Hey Kathryn, you’re more than welcome to come along. We’ll have to put up a smoke signal next time were down your way . . . This shot of Rod was shot on your ranch! http://www.tonybynum.com/portfolio/G0000ynItoECqA9s I’m also about 90% done with a hard back book called: “Alberta Ranches – northforks, reatas, and reigns.” I’m planing to make a copy for Dustin. . . Cheers!

  • amy umbarger

    Your images showcased all the magesty that is Montana… making me miss it all the more! The beauty of Big Sky Country lives on in your photography for all to enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

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